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  • Lys de provence

    The Frame Designers

    Lys de provence
  • Manufacture, Restoration

    hand carved frames, gilding frames, gilt, veneering

  • More than 30 years of experience

    caulked cornered frames with minimum delay

Manufacturers of Fine Art Picture Frames, restoration, picture frame

The Lys de Provence and their specialisted tradesmen create their frames and fine art accessories with a modern innovative tendancies based on ancient techniques in the traditional way

We propose completary variations in harmony with the work to be framed. This is why we are the Frame Designers.

Craftsmen, manufacture in France

Copper gilding of fine gold, white gold or true silver, Wood sculpture , oaken frames Classing frames and also incoporating the use of modern material with our collection including aluminium, plexiglass with wood.

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